New mold smart farm animal tracking cattle ear tags

New mold smart farm animal tracking cattle ear tags

Animal electronic tag a radio frequency and micro-power integrated circuit technology made after a special packaging process markers such markers can be implanted in animals can also swallowed the stomach or hung on the ear legs collaborative management by the the animals globally unique identification of the identity card number and the back-end database can the animal was born reared quarantine veterinary medicine nutrition information is written and read not only to facilitate unified management andeffective traceability data management to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases in animal populations.



1, Our chip less ear tags are ICAR certificated.

2, All of them are made from 100%TPU.

3, In order to prevent infection/allergy, when piercing tag on livestock ear.

Based on our experience, we continuously improve the details of the mold, now our ear tag fall-off rate below 1%.

4, Custom size and specification request is available.

5, Laser printing craft: serial number, QR code, bar code, logo

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